360 Magnetics is a full-service, magnetic solutions provider based in Silicon Valley, California. 

One of the strengths that sets us apart from other manufacturers, is our vertically integrated concept-to-production capabilities. The company is the only fully vertically integrated magnet and magnetic assembly supplier in the industry.

360’s vertically integrated advantage enables us to identify, anticipate, and address production challenges and implement production benefits at the concept level.  By solving problems in the conceptual stage, 360 customers can avoid the higher costs and delay penalties that are incurred when unidentified and unforeseen problems are discovered later during the manufacturing stage.

With vertically integrated, in-house product design, manufacturing and custom fabrication capacity, 360 can provide unique solutions to complex magnetics challenges. 360 is a one-stop-shop for providing both standard and custom made magnetics solutions.



  • Rare Earth Magnets
  • Alnico magnets
  • Ceramic (Ferrite) magnets
  • more