Magnetic Field Camera (Magcam)


Magcam offers a platform for advanced inspection of permanent magnets based on its unique and patented magnetic field camera technology, featuring a high-density 2D Hall sensor array integrated on a single semiconductor chip. The sensor chip records high resolution magnetic field maps at high speed.

These quantitative magnetic field maps contain large amounts of information about the magnet’s quality. The maps are analyzed using the versatile magscope software, resulting in a thorough and fast analysis of the magnet.

Applications include R&D, in-line production inspection and incoming/outgoing quality control of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies, including the full magnetization vector and its deviation angle for uniaxial magnets, multipole magnet inspection, magnet homogeneity inspection, general magnetic field mapping and magnetic materials research.

As the sole U.S. representative of Magcam, 360 Magnetics offers local demos and support for Magcam's products.

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