Characterization of magnetic materials


Measure to perfection

Precision measuring equipment for all magnetic materials, even the really hard ones.

Hysteresisgraphs for hard magnetic materials

  • Alnico
  • Ferrite
  • NdFeB
  • SmCo
  • bonded magnets

AMH-500 Hysteresisgraph is a DC automatic measuring system for characterization of hard magnetic materials. AMH-500 meets the International Standard IEC 60404-5 and ASTM A977. Measurements are performed either at room temperature or temperatures up to 220 °C with the optional temperature poles, that meets International Standard IEC/TR 61807.


  • automatic measurement of 1st and 2nd quadrant, complete hysteresis loop, recoil line
  • remanence Br, coercivity HcB, HcJ, max energy product BHmax, Hknee,  µ recoil, etc.
  • temperature measurements up to 220 °C
  • easy-to-use software and hardware
  • wide range of accessories for any sample shape or size

Helmholtz coils for permanent magnets quality control

Helmholtz coils provide an easy and non-destructive way to control the quality of permanent magnets. The Helmholtz coils can be single-axis or 3-axis. The triple-axis version lets you see the direction of the magnetization with respect to the axes, regardless of how you place the magnet. The complete system to perform this measure consists of a 3-Axis Helmholtz coil and a cabinet containing three fluxmeters and a PC Verification of the anisotropy

Custom Measuring Coils

Designed to exact measurements for maximum accuracy

Each custom measuring coil is designed to perfectly match the exact dimensions of the fixture it will be connected to. It’s only the way to insure the most accurate measurement possible. Stators and rotors containing permanent magnets can be fitted with these custom inductive coil fixtures, but a custom design is necessary. All custom coils are tailored for specific applications.

How it works

The magnetic flux produced by a single pole or by the total number of poles on a stator or rotor assembly is inducted to a custom coil, which is wound on a perfectly matched fixture.


Cost-efficient, ready to use out of the box.

Digital fluxmeter utilizes sense coil technology to measure average flux density and total flux. Our precision fluxmeters arrive ready for typical use and do not need any initial adjustments or settings. There are additional options, which you can set to further customize your measurement process — pairing with Helmholtz coils being one of the most widely used solutions.

  • Fast analogue integration and digital signal elaboration
  • High stability and automatic drift control
  • Get the best resolution and accuracy with 7 setting ranges
  • Easy-to-use menu
  • Direct reading in volt-seconds, webers, maxwells
  • Both corrected and uncorrected analogue output
  • High input resistance
  • Customizable with a wide variety of measuring coils

Magnetoscan Magnetic Measuring Scanner

Fully automated ease with micrometrical accuracy

A magnetic measuring scanner, the Magnetoscan is designed to measure the superficial magnetic induction of permanent magnet devices that exhibit axial or radial multipolar magnetization, as is the case with rotors or stators.


  • Field peak amplitude
  • Pole width
  • Sinusoidal shape and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
  • Angular differences between mechanical and magnetic references
  • Peak-to-peak variation and magnetic field slope
  • Constance of the peak amplitudes
  • Angular control for skewed rotors


  • Iron & Carbon Steels
  • Fe-Si
  • Fe-Ni
  • Fe-Co
  • Soft Ferrite
  • Amorphous alloys
  • Nano-Crystalline alloys

AMH-1K-S Permeameter | DC up to 1 kHz

High resolution

DC and AC automatic measuring system characterizes rings and strips at high resolution.

AMH-200K-S | DC up to 200 kHz

High frequency

DC and AC automatic measuring system characterizes rings and strips at high frequency.

AMH-50K-S | up to 50 kHz

High power

DC and AC automatic measuring system characterizes rings and strips at a high power.

AMH-1M-S | up to 1 MHz

Up to 1 MHz

Characterize rings and strips. Our DC and AC automatic measuring system goes up to 1 MHz.


CR-03 Coercimeter

Irregular shapes

Our DC automatic measuring system can  characterize irregular shapes — without cutting them out.


Toroid shapes

Use our DC automatic measuring system to characterize toroid-shaped soft magnetic materials.


Toroids, rings, bars, strips

Offering unique capabilities, this DC automatic measuring system characterizes toroids, rings, bars and strip shapes.

AMH-5800 Hard Metal Magnetometer

  • Semi-hard materials
  • Cemented carbides
  • Tungsten Carbide in Cobalt matrix
  • FeCrCo Alloys
  • CoFeV
  • CoFeNi

Get the fastest, repeatable and accurate measurements

AMH-5800 is the latest technology for measuring the magnetic properties of cemented carbides (WC in Co matrix) and semi-hard magnetic materials. The AMH-5800 provides accurate magnetic parameters to evaluate other correlated properties; for example: hardness or the presence of undesired phases. This revolutionary measuring equipment utilizes a technique that provides the fastest, repeatable and accurate measurements available on the market today.

Basic configuration

  • Main cabinet equipped with fluxmeter, gaussmeter, DC power supply and polarity control
  • Electromagnet
  • Hall probe
  • Inductive Sensor Assembly with sample holder
  • Digital scale
  • Latest PC processor class with Windows XP OS and LCD screen
  • Screen Monitor

Measuring capabilities

  • Coercivity HcJ
  • Magnetic moment Msat
  • Weight-specific saturation magnetization σsat
  • Magnetic polarization Jsat
  • Co or any other magnetic material in the alloy

Precision measurement of feebly magnetic materials

  • Austenitic stainless steel
  • Non-magnetic brass

The Permeameter for feebly magnetic materials (model PFMM) verifies that a non-magnetic material, such as austenitic stainless steel, is actually non-magnetic. The permeameter quantifies the magnetic weakness of the material by measuring its magnetization curve, relative permeability and susceptibility.

When a non-magnetic material is used in an application where interaction with magnetic fields must be very low, the control of its magnetization and permeability is fundamental.


  • Heavy duty cabinet containing the DC power supply and fluxmeter
  • Solenoid with positioning tool for samples
  • Compensated measuring coil
  • PC with dedicated software + printer
  • Unrivaled ease of use, our proprietary software provides seamless management of the measuring system.

Measurements are taken in compliance with  ASTM 342 and IEC 60404-15 standards.