Coatings and Tolerances



The most common coating/plating is Nickel.  It is actually a Ni-Cu-Ni layered process. Thickness is .0005” to .0007” typical.  This can be thicker for challenging environments.

The next most common is epoxy coating.  It’s a decent coating but not good for applications where the magnet might be exposed to physical abrasion.  It is also more difficult to hold tight tolerances.

Other coatings available are:  Zinc, Titanium Nitride, IVD Aluminum, Parylene, Tin, Silver, Gold.  These processes are much more expensive and are not as amiable to high volume production.


  • Typical tolerance for ground/coated/plated magnets is +/- .005”
  • Ni coated magnets can be held to +/- .003” without cost implications
  • We can hold tolerances to +/- .0005”