360 MAGNETICS offers a full spectrum of engineering services for all magnetics-related applications.

From concept design, FEA analysis and optimization to reverse engineering and testing procedures design, we implement our extensive engineering experience as well as our knowledge in manufacturing, testing and quality control.

We specialize in:

  • Electromagnetic, Mechanical, Thermal, Hydraulic, Electro-mechanical, Electronic and Pneumatic design
  • Full 3D Finite Element Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Engineering Test Procedure Development
  • Training

Typical projects include:

  • Permanent magnet devices
  • Rotating machine design and analysis
  • Linear motors and levitation systems
  • Specialty coil design and manufacturing with associated custom power supplies
  • MRI coil design and manufacturing
  • Superconducting winding design and manufacturing
  • Rail gun optimization
  • Charged particle beam devices, e.g. X-ray tubes, Ion implantation etc
  • High energy physics magnets
  • Magnetic shielding